Me too is a mobistealth user — it works, and well. I am pleased with the app and it really does what it promises, no strings attached. I have been a Mobistealth user for about half a year now.

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I switched to Blackberry recently and now I like it even better. I also used to have a different soft and it took time to get used to the commands and so on; however, I am sure this is the best option on the spy software market and I think I should mention customer support — great job.

This is the source i pick it up..!

Most of the issues were resolved in a matter of several hours. I really like the way their customer support works.

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I hate to be ignored and it is imporant for me to fix the problem. I start to think that it was a wrong app to choose…. Yes, Carol you do have to have the phone to initially install the software, though you have have it installed in about 5 minutes. The recording of surroundings is amazing!

Best Samsung Galaxy monitoring and tracking App

That also needs to be pointed out, they must use the native browser. I would like to buy it, but the cell phone is connect via wifi only every evening, but I would like to know the all days happening. What can I do? Does this keep a record of via text or iMessage. And what does an how covert is the control panel from the phone that you are doing the monitoring? Can it be hidden on the phone incase someone is looking through the monitoring phone will they be able to see an find it? Have used a couple of other programs which have had issues.

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Used MobiStealth in the past, but quit due to poor tech support. Am wondering now if that has improved. Also wondering if call recording works for both sides of the conversations. Wonder if MobiStealth will record if the user has a bluetooth. Can anyone answer that one?

I have used this software for over a year.

GPS Location Tracking Feature:

There have been a few glitches but nothing major. The only reason that I stopped using this software is because they no longer support surrounding recordings or call recordings. These were more important to me than the other stuff. But overall I would recommend this to anyone and if they got those features back I would return. Quite agree with you Lauren. Used it for 3 months and loved it. Also stopped because surround sound and call recording were the major features I wanted.

Can you recommend another spy software equally as good with these features? Lauren, I too enjoyed the two additional features with the ProX. The surround recording and the call recordings. What product did you end up going with to replace these features? My subscription is coming up and want to find something similar. I need to monitor two phoness of my kids which are away at college. Please help me understand, whether i am able to make spy calls when there is no internet connection in mobistealth?

How accurate is the location tracking?

Samsung mobile phone spy software

I monitor the position of the device and it show it jump here and there, a about 1 mile consistent to the same location where the device really is not. I call it and they are at work still. How can I improve the accuracy? GPS is switched on as well. Was the best up. I have been using it for yearsbut whithout call or surounding recordings is not very helpfull now. If something changes i will be back to it for sure. Installing tracker app for Samsung Galaxy on your child's phone allows you to:.

With Mobistealth tracking Software, you will never have to worry about the integrity of your employees again.

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After selecting the pricing plan that best suits your needs and making payment, your order will be processed immediately and you will be emailed your account credentials. Log into your Mobistealth web account to view all the activities in an easy to use online interface. Likewise, you can lay your head on your pillow at night without worrying that an employee is sabotaging your business. Download Monitoring Software on any android based phone of Samsung today and take back your peace of mind. After selecting the pricing plan that best suits your needs and making payment, your order will be processed immediately and you will be directed to the next step.

In this step, you will need to set-up a Mobistealth account that you can log into and gain access to the information being tracked by our cell phone tracker software. Once your account is set-up, you will be provided with access to our monitoring software that you can then download to your target mobile. Best Samsung Galaxy monitoring and tracking App. With Samsung Galaxy Tracking app, you can: View logs of all call activity on the monitored Samsung Galaxy phone View all text messages remotely View web browsing history Pinpoint the exact location of the phone at any given time with GPS technology View pictures captured and exchanged on the monitored phone.

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  • Application List This feature allows you to view details of all apps installed on phone so that you can filter out inappropriate apps. Picture Logging View every picture captured or sent via phone or whatsapp with the monitored phone. Text Message Logging View all text messages sent to and from the monitored Samsung device. Web History View a log of all websites visited on the monitored device. Contact Details View all of the monitored phone's stored contacts. Call Details View the details of all incoming and outgoing phone calls.